When planning for a trip to the house of mercy, we often worry about all the travelling requirements and itinerary. We at Venus Travels want our clients to travel to the house of the almighty without keeping any consideration for worldly matters. Hence, we find ourselves obliged to give you the best of services so that you can go and carry out the commands of the Almighty without any thoughts in the back of your mind.


The price includes Hotel Bookings and airfare. We also provide transfers from the airport to the hotel but at an added cost based on the number of persons booking with Venus. Our hotel bookings are usually 5-star bookings, but can have provisions for clients who are looking for a more affordable rate.



Passport and voucher code of the booking is necessary at the time you check in at the hotel. Besides that, do not forget your 'IHRAM' and all the other travel essentials.



Our personal preference is the Makkah Clock royal tower due to its location. However one downside is that it gets booked quite quickly, hence clients will have to book ahead of time to get a booking.As for Madinah, Our personal favorite is Le Meridien Madinah. You get close access to the mosque and a smooth stay.

Makkah & Madinah

Visa's usually takes 3-6 working days based on the nationality of the client. Venus Travels does not take any responsibility for denial of issuance of visa. 
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QAR 8,000